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The International Foundation of Applied Disability Research (FIRAH) has been financing applied research projects on handicap since 2009 and takes an active part in the spreading of knowledge. It also develops a Ressource Center dedicated to applied research and disability.

FIRAH : The Ressource Centre for Applied Research and Handicap
The Ressource Centre for Applied Research and Handicap is a collaborative project coordinated by the FIRAH (International Foundation of Applied Disability Research). The aim of this platform is to put forward applied research on handicaps. The website (in French and English) provides a documentary database on applied research which can be accessed online with reading notes partly elaborated in the framework of the applied research projects funded by the FIRAH. The website also provides advice on how to design and put together collaborative applied research projects. The site’s members can also use it to post project proposals and find collaborators.

Site presenting educational apps

Website (in French) of Handi-Amo aiming at providing ressources, help, information to parents of a handicapped child.

French speaking ISAAC
Website (in French) of the French speaking ISAAC (International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication), an international association founded in 1983 to improve quality of life of any person, child or adult, temporarily or permanently deprived of speech, by providing other means and modalities of communication.